Engineering agency with a direct approach

Engineering agency Progress Engineering was founded by two professionals, Ferry Uppelschoten and Ahmet Turksever. By joining forces, we complement each other. In this way, we offer an extensive service that will bring additional advantages to you as a client. Think of obviating misunderstandings timely and our ultimate ‘double-check’ on quality.

  Ahmet Turksever

Managing Director

As Managing Director, Ahmet instantly knows what to do when he tackles a project. He values direct communication with clients about the technical work and clients processes greatly. In his cooperation with Ferry, Ahmet is just as direct. Ahmet is steadfast, which results in a streamlined process that does nothing short of the flexibility in engineering designs. He knows how to combine structure and flexibility.

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  Ferry Uppelschoten

Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Ferry is very technical. As soon as he sees something, he already knows how it works. Technics is his strong suit, and he acts quickly in picking up what is needed. Ferry also believes that direct communication in the industry is a must in order to deliver the quality that Progress Engineering stands for.

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  Team Turkije

We work together with a team of experienced engineers and technical draughtsmen in Istanbul, Turkey, to offer various services. For designs and revisions or digitisation of drawings, we work according to the BIM methodology and use professional programs such as Revit, AutoCAD, Stabicad, EPLAN and ELCAD.