Engineering portfolio: from Noord Zuidlijn to RIVM housing

The people at Progress Engineering worked on various projects, including independent assignments and parts of major tenders. The references below give you an impression of the possibilities we offer and our experience. 

Noord Zuidlijn Amsterdam

The North-South Line (Noord Zuidlijn) in Amsterdam (actual name: metro line 52) was mainly controversial due to social resistance in the ‘70s and budget overruns. The line, opened in July 2018, has a total length of 9.7 kilometres, of which 7.1 kilometres underground. The bored, dug and immersed tunnels run mostly parallel to the streets above them in order to minimise the load on the buildings.

Progress Engineering was involved in the following installations, among others:

  • Various electrical installations

  • Data networks

  • Central control installation

  • Access control

  • Camera security

  • Fire detection and reporting system

  • Public address and evacuation system (Type A)

  • Indoor special coverage location (SCL) with C2000

Housing RIVM 

In September 2017, construction work started on the new accommodation for RIVM (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (translation: National Institute for Public Health and the Environment)). The aim is to create a meeting place where governments, the public and professionals can exchange information about human health and the environment.

Progress Engineering is part of the realisation team that takes care of, among other things:


  • 10kV and 0.4kV installation
  • Data and communication installation and automation
  • Channelisation
  • Lighting installation
  • Security and safety installation
  • Measuring and control installation
  • Integrality and interfaces

Renovation and new construction of bridges and adjustments to lock

In order to make the Schinkel bridges and Nieuwe Meersluis in Amsterdam future-proof, new constructions and renovations are needed. During the activities, traffic over land and water must be inconvenienced as little as possible. For this current project, a transition design has been made from the existing situation to a temporary situation. Subsequently, the contractor can start working with the final design.

V For this project, Progress Engineering has adjusted the designs of the following installations:

  • Bridge control installation and interaction with the lock
  • Electrical installations
  • Public address and intercom systems, as well as the communication operation
  • Viewing systems
  • Traffic signal installations for land traffic and shipping

Would you like to know more about our experience as engineers or our expertise in the field of technical drawing? Feel free to contact us and ask your questions. We will be happy to answer them.