Communication is the power with engineering

In our opinion, systems engineering is the only way to correctly probe, analyse and, subsequently, apply the increasingly strict and complex technology requirements to project designs. Only with excellent communication with all parties (clients, suppliers and project leaders), it is possible to integrate all information about contract requirements, interfaces and verification in a digital environment.

To prevent misunderstandings and to identify bottlenecks quickly, we work in a structured way with a step-by-step plan.

Because every situation and combination of clients, project leaders and subcontractors involves a different dynamic, we know that a single approach does not work. This step-by-step plan never limits our creativity. On the contrary, it allows us to work quickly and flexibly.


Converting binding contracts into requirements


Detailed formulation of requirements via SMART-method (if the interpretation allows)

Decompose requirements for complete abstract set of requirements

Draw up verification plan for entire process (from preliminary designs to delivery)

Draw up design note with requirements specifications and interfaces


Complete drawings and models


Verification to create verification report

After completion verification report, the design can be finalised

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