Electrical Engineering

Your requirements, standards and regulations are the basis for electrotechnical engineering. We attune the design with the construction and other structural and technical systems in your building.

Using our step-by-step plan (more information on this on our Services page) we list your wishes. Regardless of the phase of your project, we advise, design, manage and optimise the engineering of electrical installations. Among others, you can think of:

  • Fire protection: fire alarm system and evacuation system
  • Electrical engineering: cable calculations, lighting calculations and selectivity calculations
  • Security: protection systems against burglary and intrusion, camera security and access control
  • Low-voltage current: data & ICT and communication systems

Engineering services

Our engineering services include:

  • Mapping and updating required electrotechnical drawings;
  • Creating new electrotechnical installation designs, including budget, reports and specifications;
  • Project design, inspection advice and planning, innovation, overhaul and maintenance of electrical installations;
  • Project management, including consultation with customers, suppliers, drafting technicians, work planners and technical installers and mechanics.

We support projects and offer our services directly to various parties, including installation agencies and design agencies. Call us today on phone number + 31 850 43 229 and find out what we can do for your organisation.