Outsource technical drawing for electrical engineering

When outsourcing electro-technical drawings, you look for a reliable agency with appealing references and competencies. In addition, the level of detail in modelling must be high, and the costs within the budget.

For BIM drawings, electrical drawings with Revit, AutoCAD, Stabicad, EPLAN and ELCAD, Progress Engineering can process large quantities. With our experience in, for example, residential building, utilities, infrastructure and laboratories, the engineers in our team can identify your exact requirements. Our draughtsmen/modellers process these wishes in precise:

  • 2D drawings 
  • 3D drawings
  • As-built drawings
  • Revision drawings

Aside from the services mentioned above, we digitalise existing drawings. Please feel free to contact us for the options.

Is your electro-technical drawing in order?

At many organisations, the electrical drawings are not well-organised or complete. Our experience shows that this especially applies to as-built and revision management during asset control. This results in delays during inspections or, when professionals have to go to work, for maintenance. Outdated and incomplete drawings also unnecessarily delay overhauls and adjustments to installations.

Would you like our engineers to check whether the drawings of your organisation’s electrical installations are still in order? Call today on phone number + 31 850 43 229. We look forward to visiting you.