Drawings for mechanical engineering solutions

Mechanical drawings for installations and systems can be very extensive and complex. The requirements to be met by these drawings not only affect technical aspects themselves, but durability and accessibility are also essential. Besides, drawings must seamlessly match the facilities and requirements.

Technical drawings with explicit dimensions

There should be no misunderstanding about how to read a drawing. That is why we always ask for clear instructions with the desired dimensions. At the end of the day, it is all about the employees who use the drawings. We facilitate them to work quickly and efficiently. It goes without saying that we always maintain the prevailing standards and regulations.

You can come to Progress Engineering for mechanical engineering drawings such as:

  • Projection drawings
  • Schedules of principles
  • Block diagrams
  • View drawings
  • Detailed drawings


Ask about our options for processing large quantities of mechanical engineering drawings or digitalising your existing drawings. We work with BIM modelling, Revit (3D), AutoCAD (2D) and Stabicad. We also carry out clash controls, returning the drawings clash-free (if required, consultation on your location is possible).

Would you like to have more information about technical drawings for mechanical installations, digitalisation or our references?
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