Technical drawings for construction engineering

Technical construction drawings for civil engineering, renovations, etc. are usually comprehensive and time-consuming. Both in terms of possibilities and volumes for new-build and renovation projects. 

The accuracy of precise details promotes cooperation between all parties during construction. There should be no room for interpretation. From the client to the subcontractor, everyone must be able to interpret the construction drawings similarly and at a glance to avoid misunderstandings and construction errors.

Are you at the permit application stage with the local authorities? Or does your organisation want to investigate the feasibility of a project from an architectural or civil engineering point of view? Each phase has different requirements for a construction drawing.

Construction drawings for all building phases

Reach out to Progress Engineering for technical construction drawings in all phases:

  • Specification drawings 
  • Preliminary designs
  • Final designs
  • Technical designs
  • Implementation designs 
  • Detail drawings
  • Revision drawings

We are not bound to long-term trajectories that run from A to Z. At any stage, you can involve us in the project. From the start during the consultation with the project leader, when converting specifications into detail drawings or during revisions that may take up much time or require urgency.

Our draughtsmen process the bulk of technical construction drawings or digitalisation of drawings within residential construction, utility and infrastructure with the BIM working method, Revit (3D), Clash control and AutoCAD (2D). Before the drawings (analogue or digital) leave our office, experienced engineers subject them to a final inspection.  

Can we help you with any of your questions about construction drawings for a specific situation? Contact us today for more information.