The branches Progress Engineering works for

As an engineering company, we do not want to limit ourselves to providing services to a particular industry. A few examples where our expertise and services have been applied include:

  • We are here for the industrial sector to design or improve installations, systems and automation as efficiently as possible. 
  • We cooperate in realising projects within the infrastructure in such a way that the environment is affected as little as possible. 
  • In residential construction, safety and sustainability are essential themes. New construction and renovation projects can count on our knowledge in this area.
  • Due to its diversity in use, the utility sector has an enormous variety of requirements and wishes. This requires flexibility and innovative thinking on the part of engineers.

Among the Progress Engineering network, architects, project managers and technical advisors can be found. Our clients include project developers and installation agencies. 

Is your industry not mentioned above? That doesn’t mean we can’t help you. We invite you to contact us. We will listen carefully to your wishes and make you an appropriate offer.