How engineers deliver quality?
We learned it in the field.

In the introduction of our team, we already hinted that direct communication is essential to us. Not only internally between the Dutch team and the Turkish team, but also with our clients. 

As two engineers who started at the bottom and learned the tricks of the trade through their experience as project managers, we know which factors and which players influence the processes in which phase. More information about the experience of Progress engineers can be found on the ‘Portfolio‘ page.

How we gain your trust

It was in the field that we discovered the recognition and appreciation of the core values ‘trust‘, ‘directness‘ and ‘flexibility‘ in each other. That is the foundation of our cooperation. We promise to communicate directly and clearly with you, enabling us to identify misunderstandings at the earliest stage and find flexible solutions in a structured way. This is the only way we can win and strengthen your trust. 

Because we operate with an international team ourselves, we consider any cultural differences during the communication process. The Richard Lewis model shows us to what extent we can be direct and flexible in other cultures. Our experience shows that this developed characteristic makes it easier for us to achieve the desired level of trust.

Let our people take care of your team’s requirements. Outsource your bulk of technical drawings to our professionals and discover our services through a pilot. Do you have any further questions about our operations? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer them.